I continue to hear that proverbial "little voice" in my mind about this guy, POTUS Barkie. I listen to the "on prompter" crapola as compared to "off prompter" stuttering, stammering, cosmic debris that flows from his pie hole. I keep thinking, "there has to be someone else running this show".

Damned if I can figure out who it is behind that curtain.

At first I thought Rahm but I doubt that now. Rahm has a bad temper and he talks to much. He is an evil, sinister SOB, but I doubt that he is the wizard I'm looking for here. Al Capone would've punked Rahm in a New York minute back in Chicago's good ole days.

Some say Soros. That's too obvious for me. He's the money but not the brains.
I have to think Chi-town here. So I'll have to ponder this further.

I do my best pondering while loading .45 ACP down in the "lab". This may take a while so I'd better get to it.