President Obama's Christmas Greeting to the Troops

Merry Christmas To All

God bless us, every one. (well, almost every one.)


A Job Well Done

My best friend, a LEO, has retired after 30 years of service. Served those years in Logansport, Indiana. My home town. We go back a long way there.

My very best to him goes out tonight as he transitions to civilian life.

God bless you brother, you can relax now!


Advice for El Tigre

Keep those "plus fours" buttoned till you get home son!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, "Turkey Day" is here.

Many thanks go out to the men & women deployed into harms way on this day. God bless them and keep them safe.

I'm thankful too for my loving family and friends.


Price Gouging at "Honker Hill" aka: Gander Mtn.

Stopped at Gander today on lunch hour. Wowsers! They have large & small CCI primers by the brick! I thought okay, last January they were $30. per brick. Ask the guy for a price check. He says $49.90 per K. I says "see ya".

Vendors were asking $30. to $35. per brick this past weekend at the Medina gun show! They were plentiful at that price. Five months ago primers were among the first product to sell out at $50. per K. Even higher on the auction sights!

The prices at Gander also seem way high on most new & used pistols & revolvers.

I don't begrudge anyone for trying to make a buck but this is absurd.

Anyway, I ain't buying shit from them!



Give a thought today to the 534 soldiers who lost their lives in Ia Drang Valley of South Vietnam back in '65. Four days and nights of pure Hell.

Rest In Peace one and all.



Don't forget to say "thanks" to a veteran today!


Navy Day.

Forty four years ago today, I joined the United States Navy.

Checked in at the recruiting center in downtown Indianapolis at 08:00 hours. Got checked out physically and did paperwork. Took oath around 15:00 hours. Bused out to the airport and waited for flight. Boarded an old C-47 for Chicago O'Hare around 18:00 hours. Spent that night in a WWII barrack at Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois.

Eleven days later I would celebrate my eighteenth birthday.

Watch the video. Go Navy!


I Like This Guy's Style!

Lets go national with this!


Why Did 1 In 7 Girls Get Pregnant At Robeson High?

Officials Say A Mix Of Factors Are To Blame, As They Try To Help The Young Women

Maybe they're just not paying attention to those annoying little details like keeping your pants on, etc. Or, maybe they should stop screwing 1 in 7 boys. And, just where are those boys?

Now we have 115 young girls plus 115 infants which equals 230 NEW souls that are about to receive government assistance.

Where is the money for the rehabbed "crack house/day care facility" coming from?

Ah yes, it's all "obama money" maybe from his "stash".



Charlie Mike

This blog was originally intended to chronicle my adventures with my newly arrived grandson. Sadly, after paternity tests, it was not to be. My son had fallen victim to a cruel scheme and left devastated. Our small family went through some of the most gut wrenching times but grew even closer. As for the son, he will never be the same.

I thought about trashing this whole idea. After all, I'm by no stretch of the imagination a "writer".
My wife is a writer. My sister was a wonderful writer. Me, I ain't no writer! My wife say's "just write like you talk". I tell her her "but I still talk like a sailor". I'm talking "old school" sailor not the new "PC' sailor. I will give it a try. Clean it up a bit and see what happens.

I will talk politics, some sports, food & drink and try to talk some guns as well. I will rant at times but I will try to keep it to a dull roar!

So now I "Charlie Mike" into oblivion.


Tea Party & Piper Cubs

This was to be posted this AM. I forgot!

I'm off to the Cleveland Tea Party this afternoon. Looks to be a cold one down on the lakefront. High temp to be 49 degrees but down there that converts to about 39 degrees!
Whatever, me and the Monk will be there!

Went down and had a great time. Local teevee estimated 5000 +/- souls in attendance. Now we must keep building the movement through 2010 and make some changes starting that Nov. at the ballot boxes.

Check out the swell video linked below. Looks like some fun.


Commander in Chief? Not!

Mr. President, listen up dude.

You are the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces!

When you make the decision to send 17,000 troops into a war zone maybe you should hold a televised press conference and tell the nation why you are doing it. Just a few minutes out of your busy day that's all. Just give us a brief explanation of why you are sending our sons/husbands, wives/daughters into a seventh century hellhole. Just give us hint.

Maybe you could throw in a quick "God Speed" at the end.

Maybe even utter a "God Bless America" just for effect.



Who Is It?

I continue to hear that proverbial "little voice" in my mind about this guy, POTUS Barkie. I listen to the "on prompter" crapola as compared to "off prompter" stuttering, stammering, cosmic debris that flows from his pie hole. I keep thinking, "there has to be someone else running this show".

Damned if I can figure out who it is behind that curtain.

At first I thought Rahm but I doubt that now. Rahm has a bad temper and he talks to much. He is an evil, sinister SOB, but I doubt that he is the wizard I'm looking for here. Al Capone would've punked Rahm in a New York minute back in Chicago's good ole days.

Some say Soros. That's too obvious for me. He's the money but not the brains.
I have to think Chi-town here. So I'll have to ponder this further.

I do my best pondering while loading .45 ACP down in the "lab". This may take a while so I'd better get to it.


Listening to Barkie

Vinny Gambini: Everything that guy just said is bullshit... Thank you.


Forty Years

Forty years ago today at 1400 hours I walked out of the gate house at NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Having completed my active duty in the US Navy.

Mistake #1

The rest is history.

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