Now we're exporting "crime guns"!

Found this gem in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this morning.

Go here:

Grabbing guns seemed to be off the radar prior to the election. President elect Barkie even said he wouldn't take any one's guns. Not even Joe Biden's Beretta! Said he doesn't have the votes in Congress even if he did want to grab em.

I'm noticing now they're slowly ratcheting up the rhetoric day by day.

Also looks like we have some new voices joining the fray. That's right, it's our old buddies from ACORN! Everyone's favorite community troublemakers.

Read about it here:|Sports|Lifestyles/story/20995/nc-acorn-proposes-stricter-ammunition-laws

Stop the bullets indeed! How about enforcing the thousands of firearms laws now on the books and start putting the "bad guys" behind bars instead of back on the streets.

This is going to be a long and difficult period for America's gun owners.

United We Stand!